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A video game is an electronic device that plays games using a video screen, hence the term "video games". Video games started in the 1950s when the game "Tennis for Two" was invented in New York. The game features two players pressing a button and moving a joystick to hit a ball back and forth. It applies to the rules of Tennis.

In the 1970s[]


The first video games of interest were released under the Japanese game company, Namco. Namco released their first game in 1976, under the title of F-1. The game hadn't really gotten any attention, thus Namco made more interesting games such as Galaxian and Pac-Man. The games created by Namco soon became a series when Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga were released. Namco continued to make games and later teamed up with the other popular Japanese game company, Nintendo.


Nintendo is one of the most popular game companies of all time. Nintendo is popular for its most famous series, Pokemon and Super Mario. Nintendo makes more advanced video games, using more of an anime style.


Atari made some of the first video games as well. They are popular for video games such as Space Invaders and Asteroids. Another hit they released was Frogger, a game about a frog trying to cross a road of cars and then cross a hazardous stream. The game has become more advanced and later became a 3D video game in 2005. Atari created these video games about the same time that Namco made video games.

Mimics of other games

Atari has made several games using the exact same title as the one they were trying to mimic. Such as the Atari version of Pac-Man released in 1981, the game lacked the colours and graphics that the real Pac-Man had. The game is criticized for its flickering ghosts.

The Atari version of Pac-Man.

Atari also made their own version of Dig Dug.