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Frogger 2.jpg
Created: 1981
Creators: Konami
Series: Frogger series
Genres: Platform, Adventure,
Species: Frog
Game Info
In Games:

Frogger ' (1980)

Frogger II Threeedeep! (1984)

Frogger 3D (2000)

Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge (2004)

Frogger: The Great Quest (???)

Frogger: He's Back! (2008)

This article is about the character, Frogger. For the game, see Frogger.

Frogger is a video game character and main character in the Frogger series created by Konami.

Fictional character biography[]

In the swamp[]

Frogger was born in a swamp in some unknown land. Frogger was named and raised in the same swamp, and shared a relationship with many of the animals (however, some weren't a good relationship such as constantly eating dragon flies). Frogger later left the swamp.

Crossing the road[]

Main article: Frogger

The Frogger games are about the character Frogger trying to cross the road and eat dragon flies. However, once Frogger managed to cross the road without getting hit by a car or truck, he must cross the river. Frogger is not familiar with cleaner rivers, thus crossing the river was difficult for him. Frogger crossed the river by leaping onto logs and alligators, cautiously making sure he didn't go near an alligator's mouth. Frogger eventually crossed the river and advances to other places. Frogger's adventures become endless.

Frogger 3D[]

Frogger 3D is the first time that Frogger's appearence is really noted. In Frogger 3D, Frogger must get across the river as he originally does. However, this time there are more main characters and appearances from other Konami games then there originally was.

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