• Sonicisawsome

    sonic boom

    February 21, 2014 by Sonicisawsome

    ok there is a new sonic tv show and video game called sonic boom coming out this fall on cartooon network to me it seems like its not gonna be as good as the other sonic tv shows and games but im still looking foward to it for more information go to

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  • PacBoyCraZ

    Pac-Man Carnival!

    October 5, 2009 by PacBoyCraZ

    Get ready for Pac-Man Carnival, the new Pac man game comming out! TiBiT <font color="yellow">P</font><font color="red">a</font><font color="yellow">c</font><font color="red">B</font><font color="yellow">B</font><font color="red">o</font><font color="yellow">y</font><font color="red">C</font><font color="yellow">r</font><font color="red">a</font><font color="yellow">z</font>(<font color="yellow">blah blah blah...</font>)

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